Realistic Face Mask 'Edgar'

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Realistic Face Mask 'Edgar'

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We offer you to buy this mask, the design of each mask is as can be seen in the product picture. The specific design of each mask differs. Some masks are realistic looking, with colour similar to human skin, while other masks finished with elaborate paintwork to create a specific character. Please allow slight differences in colour, because each mask is crafted by hand.

This is a foamlatex mask, a material which is soft and flexible. You can easily put on the mask by pulling it over your head. You are masked in just a few seconds. Due ot the flexibility of the latex, the mask will fit the head circumference of most adults. It's a unisize article. If the mask fits your face perfectly, then it should be possible to transform simple facial movements onto the mask. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer support in case there are any questions or if you should need further informations on the product.

Some general remarks:
This product is not a toy, it is not recommended to be used by children. Please do not use this mask if you are allergic against natural latex. This mask is cleared for private, noncommercial usage.